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Building, renovating, planning, going on tour, we can help. We can help, we and our partner companies will help design any system to your specification and or budget. Our rates vary, but base per day is $300.00 but range higher depending on your needs.

Church Lighting Operation and Design 

Need someone to fill in for a weekend or a design and or operator for a big service or production.

Designer for production (Per Day) - $250

Operator Services for regular services (Per Day) - $200

Operator for large production (Per Day) - $300 

Rate is subject to change

Pro Presenter Operator 

Need someone to run graphics for your event? From churches, concerts, and corporate events we can make those screens get your message across. 

Operator per day - $250 

Rate is subject to change

Fixture Maintenance and Cleaning 

Have your lights been up in the same place for three years? Are your lights making a weird noise? 

Fixture Cleaning - $250 per day + Materials

Fixture maintenance and cleaning - $300 per day + Materials

Rate is subject to change

Audio Engineer 

FOH and Monitor Tech - $400 Per Day

Rate is subject to change


We offer training courses for ONYX, and ETC consoles and fundamentals.

ONYX (1 Day) Basic - $300 Per Person

ONYX (2 Days) Advanced - $600 Per Person

ETC (1 Day) Basic - $300 Per Person

ETC (2 Days) Advanced  - $600 Per Person

Lighting/Audio/Video (1 Day) Fundamentals - $300 Per Person

* Group Rates Available for all classes * 
Rate is subject to change

Event Lighting Operation and Design

Depending on the level of show from small to Large the rate will vary.

$400 per day

Rate is subject to change

Live Switcher Operator 

Need someone to get that camera shoot on screen for your audience to see. Overlay graphics on the camera to get your presentation looking professional. 

Operator - $300 per day

Rate is subject to change

Video Camera Operator 

Church to concert video production, camera cranes to dollies. 

Operator - $300 per day

Rate is subject to change

Lighting Design 

From small theatrical to large concerts we offer full service design services, renderings, and virtual reality designs of your event.

Rate varies dependant on design services requested. 

These are only some of the services we offer, we just list these so you know our price range. But we offer custom built packages, day and hourly rates to fit your needs. All Rates above are subject to change at any point, due to availability of contractors and skill level of contractors. Price does not include GST, Per diems or applicable fees.